Book Proposal

Needed for literary agents and scouts, the Big Five acquisition editors and smaller publishers, and publicists

An effective book proposal is so much more than a report that describes your book. It is a persuasive document that details the reasons your book is unique, urgent, and useful. Regardless of the recipient, a proposal needs to immediately grab the interest of a book industry expert—it needs to knock their socks off!

If you solely aspire to work with traditional publishers such as the Big Five (Penguin Random House, Macmillan, Simon & Schuster, Hachette, HarperCollins), your first two steps are to write a book proposal (not the entire manuscript) and secure an agent. If a publisher offers you a contract, you will then proceed to write the manuscript—with their direction and input.

Through my work with clients and weekly review of industry news, I stay current with what agents and publishers are looking for.

To help you successfully land an agent or publisher, I’ll review your manuscript. If you don’t have a manuscript, I’ll structure several interviews with you to ascertain your book ideas and publishing goals.

I’ll then create a professional, industry-standard book proposal.
The book proposal includes:

  • An overview of your book ideas or manuscript
  • An industry market analysis
  • A competitive-title review
  • Your specific promotion plan
  • Your bio
  • Book details/publisher specs
  • A chapter-by-chapter summary
  • The first two to three chapters of your manuscript
    (musically line edited for maximum impact)

In the book proposal package, I’ll also include:

  • A professional agent query letter that you can personalize for each prospective agent
  • A list of ten to fifteen literary agents who handle your type of manuscript

TIME: 1 month when added to ghostwriting service; up to 3 months if stand-alone project
PRICE: $1.5k with full ghostwriting service; $10k if stand-alone project


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