Manuscript Formatting / Coding / Styling

The necessary print-and-reflow coding for manuscript submission

In today’s market, manuscripts need to be specifically coded and styled before they are sent to agents, publishers, and layout artists. If a manuscript is not correctly done, it will be returned to you or immediately go into the reject pile.

Rather than taking the time to learn and implement this detailed process, send me your final, edited version of your manuscript. I’ll take care of the coding details and make it look professional. I will:

  • Remove all intrusive coding.
  • Add a specific title page, table of contents, and page numbering.
  • Attach an adjustable template to the document.
  • Attach adjustable styles to chapter headings, subheadings,
    prose, captions, and text boxes.

TIME: 1 to 2 weeks depending on manuscript length
PRICE: $500


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