From writing to styling.

As a Certified Ghostwriter and book industry insider, I provide an array of services for authors and thought leaders. You may not need full-blown ghostwriting services, but want to elevate your manuscript to a marketable literary property. Various options are available to meet your specific needs and price point. Regardless of which option you choose, we will work together to get your message out to the masses. With any project, I begin with a free consultation. We both want to assure that we are a good fit for each other.

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During the ghostwriting process, I will work with you to craft your ideas into a marketable literary property.

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Manuscript Review

This thorough review is for those who have an existing manuscript or draft, regardless of what stage it’s in.

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Musical Line Editing

Musical line editing can turn a dry nonfiction manuscript into an easy-to-understand story.

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Manuscript Formatting, Coding, & Styling

Manuscripts need to be coded and styled before they are sent to agents, publishers, and layout artists.

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Book Proposal

An effective book proposal is a persuasive document that details the reasons your book is unique, urgent, and useful.


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